Prof. dr. sc. Damir Huljev

(1942-2010), experimental oncologist, graduated and earned the doctoral degree in the Chemistry section of the Faculty of science in Zagreb. In his 30 years long scientific – researching career he was occupied with organic chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear and analytic chemistry, ecology end experimental oncology. He dedicated to these disciplines more than 50 studies, which were published in professional magazines all over Europe and USA.

Dr. Huljev was also brilliant in the practice, so he discovered top-level preparations based on honey, which he produced personally for years. Those are nutrition supplements, effective against various diseases and disturbances.

Dr. Huljev is winner of many awards and international acknowledgments.

“Bees products are very effective in healing people, that is why bees process them from plants products, which plants actively participate in the evolution of all the life on the earth” (Prof. dr. sc. Damir Huljev, 1967.)

You can read more about dr. Huljev on the site oh Croatian biographic lexicon.